Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q. How does this program work?
A. We have a four step process that is easy to follow using the website’s “Request a Quote” function. We also have a Client Services Team who can assist if you get stuck.

  1. We will need to assess the assets you want to gain value from. To do this, we will need a list of all the units that you want to trade-in. If you don’t know what you have, we can also go to your site and assess value OR have items sent to our facility to assess the value. (For more information, please see "How will the payment be distributed?" below.
  2. PlanITROI will generate a quote letting you know the value of the assets.
  3. After accepting your quote, package and send your items. PlanITROI can provide packaging for purchase; if our packaging is used, shipping is on us!

Q. Do you guarantee the highest buyback value?
A. Yes. We will price match any of our competitors’ buyback prices.

Q. What products are accepted?
A. All Chromebook, laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, printers, monitors, and more are accepted for trade in but we cannot guarantee that all models will yield value based on age and condition.

Q. Can I trade in my units that don’t work?
A. We will accept non-functioning units for recycling at a fixed rate.

Q. Can I trade in units if they have scratches and dents?
A. Yes. The condition of the units will affect the price but we accept units that are scratched and dented.

Q. Do I need to include chargers with my assets?
A. No, chargers are not required, but including a charger will increase the value of the trade-in.

Q. What if I don’t know what assets I have?
A. We will produce an estimate quote based upon the best idea of what you want to trade-in. We can also produce a modified buyout price after audit or someone onsite to assess and evaluate your inventory.

Q. Do I need proof of purchase before sending in my technology?
A. No, proof of purchase is not required when participating in this trade in program.

Q. Who is the program administrator?
A. PlanITROI is the official administrator of the Trade-Up Program. We possess over 25 years of proven business results that demonstrate our approach to operational excellence and the expertise required to perform that “what and how” of the business. PlanITROI’s facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & R2 certified. The company maintains a zero landfill, zero e-waste export policy and all data is sanitized using NIST/DOD standards. All assets are tracked by serialized chain-of-custody reporting & integrated with our clients’ systems.


Q. What is done with the technology once I send it in?
A. We will securely destroy the data on all units and then refurbish them for sale on the highest grossing sales channels direct to next consumer. PlanITROI will never sell to a school district.

Q. How do I know the data is safe?
A. All assets are subject to data wiping up to Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M. We will also provide certificates of destruction.

Q. I have submitted a list of units to be traded in. How long will it take to receive a quote?
A. We guarantee that a quote will be provided within to business days.


Q. Where does my customer send the devices?
A. Once a quote has been approved, all assets should be sent to:

100 Ford Road Suite #10
Denville, NJ 07834

Q. How do they send in devices to ensure they do not get damaged?
A. We can supply specialized packaging that will ensure secure transport. The price of this packaging will be factored into the quote provided but ensuring the materials arrive safely will ultimately net more for the customer.

Q. Who pays for the shipping?
A. PlanITROI will cover all shipping fees if our packaging is used.


Q. How long is the quote valid?
A. The quote provided by PlanITROI is valid for up to 60 months. The pricing is subject to change every 60 days.

Q. How will the payment be distributed?
A. Payment can be distributed as either a check or as credit to your reseller dependent on the payment option provided. The choices for payment are below:

  1. Engage in a Revenue Share Model where you get paid as the assets are sold in the secondary markets.
  2. Standard Buyback Price. Full buyout will be provided once the assets are received and audited
  3. Upfront Payment: Payment will be provided upfront before assets are received